Contact me

Marcus DiPaola
1 min readNov 23, 2020


Do not use this contact information if you are not a licensing or broadcast professional. Please be respectful of my boundaries. Please text (no calls) at (202) 933–1790 or email me at


Do not email me if you are not an advertiser. Please be respectful of my boundaries. Please email me at with the subject line “AD BUY” (without the quotes).


Do not call, text, or email me. I used to be able to answer DMs and now I just get way too many from people who didn’t read this page. The most commonly asked questions are often answered in my personal story, on my frequently asked questions page or in my career guides. Up until I cut them off completely, my DMs were almost entirely me copy/pasting the link to my career guides, because every single question asked was answered in a guide.

The only way to reach me is by Instagram DM.