List of things I don’t talk about

Marcus DiPaola
2 min readJan 3, 2021

This is a supplement to my contact me page. If you came here from anywhere else, please just go read the contact me page.

It’s really important for me to be able to use my Instagram DMs to talk to my friends, family, and professional contacts. Even cleaning out the nice DMs makes it harder for me to do that.

The master list of DMs Marcus doesn’t answer

  • Asking me to talk about anything you read on the internet or heard from a friend
  • Asking me if I plan to cover something
  • Any question that asks for my opinion on literally any topic
  • Suggesting, insinuating, hinting at, or straight out asking me to do a video on something
  • Giving me story ideas
  • Asking me to delete a video
  • Feedback on my writing style or word choice
  • “Making me aware” of something
  • Showing me “evidence” you found
  • Any question you could answer by Googling, watching YouTube, or checking Wikipedia (this covers literally any question containing the word “sources”)
  • Anything even tangentially podcast related
  • Asking me to raise awareness (or money) for a cause
  • Asking me if something you read or heard is true
  • Asking me to promote your work
  • Intrusive questions about my life
  • Anything involving investment or financial products. I smash the delete button especially hard when I see anything even tangentially cryptocurrency related.
  • “My friend told me that…”
  • “I got into an argument about…”
  • “Like your cut G”
  • “Hi” or any other form of greeting with nothing else in the message
  • “Can you help me?” without specifying what you need help with
  • Any questions that you should ask a lawyer. I’m not a lawyer.
  • Anything I don’t know enough about to help you with

Don’t send me any video or photo, regardless of topic. Instagram censors it automatically for me so I’m not even forced to see what it is before deleting it.